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Fund for Homeless Women
Are any of these women homeless?

According to a recent study,
there are approximately 500 homeless women living on the Monterey Peninsula.
They are predominantly older, long-time residents of the Peninsula.

About the Fund

The Fund for Homeless Women (FHW) was established in 2012 to help create and sustain innovative services for unsheltered women on the Monterey Peninsula. The collection, investment and strategic disbursement of financial resources is co-facilitated by the Community Foundation for Monterey County – where the Fund is managed. Building an informed community through engaging educational programs is also how FHW fulfills its mission and moves toward its vision of ending homeless for this vulnerable population.

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The Gaps

Historically, women have not been fully recognized by programs serving the homeless. As employment became scarce and housing less affordable, the population of women living without adequate shelter on the Monterey Peninsula grew without services to meet their unique needs. As a result, along with limited access to health care, hygiene and case management, options for emergency shelter, temporary and permanent housing are few when a woman is no longer financially secure and finds herself alone.

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Why Invest?

Programs for single homeless women do not qualify for funding from the federal government. Services to meet their unique needs are dependent upon the generosity of private citizens. The Fund for Homeless Women is the only organization on the Monterey Peninsula whose sole purpose is to address these challenges and end homelessness for women in local communities. You and others like you are the only means of our support. You provide the resources necessary to create sustainable change.

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