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The Challenge

The primary causes of homelessness among Peninsula women are mostly connected to poverty and loss of income in a community with very limited availability of affordable housing.

The Monterey Peninsula provides few options for residents who can’t afford the increasing market rates for home ownership and rental

  • A limited job market, particularly for older women or women who have been unemployed for some time;
  • Complex service structures and regulations that, through eligibility and application requirements, limit or inhibit access to services;
  • Limited allocation of resources for the expansion of agency capacity to provide more space and more flexible options to meet the needs of a very diverse homeless population;
  • The stigma associated with homelessness interferes with decisions about allocation of public resources and location of services, including shelters, and affordable housing, whether transitional or permanent.

In 2016 the Fund for Homeless Women commissioned the Assessment of Homeless Women on the Monterey Peninsula to document the primary causes of homelessness for local women, their needs and challenges and existing services. Researchers found there are an estimated 500 homeless women on the Monterey Peninsula, whose challenges are complex and diverse. We continue to partner with local organizations to expand and enhance the database. Download the Full Report or Key Findings to learn more.